A B O U T  U S

Duet Design is a small design team, the principal of which is Keith Cramer, who founded the business in 1993, in the town of Busselton in the SouthWest of Western Australia.

Jeanette is his wife and business partner of 20 years. They have 3 children.


Duet Design has been a recipient of numerous Housing Industry Awards from both the HIA and MBA, winning in various categories including residential, grouped dwelling, and commercial projects.

Keith Cramer has also won various awards whilst employed by other companies, including in 1991 the coveted James Hardie National Design Award, the entry won outright from over 1200 entries Australia wide.


These accolades by the industry are an indictment to the integrity and innovation for which Duet Design has become known for.


Utilising sound design principles to achieve energy efficient homes, invariabley blended from a number of different materials and building methodologies, customers have come to realise how much more there is to comprehensive design. Furnishability and ergonomics need to be considered carefully. Divisions of space into usage zones, and their correlation to one another, mindful of noise transfer. Visual outlook and the capitalization of the sites attributes too, and simplicity of construction, without compromising a balanced exterior aesthetic.


Where applicable the building's thermo-dynamics are utilised as free ''heat transfer breeze generators,'' or accoustic affect is utilised to quieten areas of otherwise open plan designs, by use of ceiling features or other noise absorpting methods; Then there is the specification of a plethora of different fittings and fixtures to improve comfort and lifestyle, whilst maintaining a minimal carbon footprint.


This is some of what Duet Design brings you. Your wishes are carefully recorded and blended with tried and true design methodology, in the conception of your new building. Whether a new home, an investment property, grouped or multiple dwelling or a commercial building, the same applies to all.


Finally your project is cost tested to ensure it reamains within your planned budget prior to commencement of formal documentation and submission to the approving authorities, and issue for construction.


                                                                           Duet Design